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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Eleaf Pico Dual mod is only $28.90 now

Great news, the Eleaf Pico Dual Mod is only $28.90 now, six attractive colors for your options, features multi powerful functions, come to purchase now!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jennifer Aniston

All these years after “The Rachel,” Jennifer and her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan can still make the masses lose their …

Julia Roberts deduces the elegace

This week,  the famous actress Julia Robert has been on the cover of the fashion magazine, she has succeeded in …

The Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz , American famous actress and model, she looks beautiful The blonde hair,blue eyes and bright appearance coupled with …

The poplular hairstyles make you look younger

The feature is closely linked to the hairstyle, and choosing the best hairstyle For yourself is necessary, one kind of …

Faye Wong

Faye wong , an irreplaceable name, an well-known singer She possesses  calm and natural temperament, which help her deduce the …

Kim Soo hyun

Kim Soo hyun, a South Korean actor, his current drama “You Who Came From the Stars “is a big hit, …

Off shoulder

In summer, off-shoulder dress is attractive and cool, don’t you think so? The kind of style is symple and sexy. …

Vacation style

The holiday season is coming, have you planed to go to the seaside and have a relax? What kind of …

New hairstyle in summer

In summer, for beautiful girls, they like playing with hair. Then what kind of hairstyle is matched with the good …


Do u want to get dressed like a star? Maybe in summer, you are tired of the simple T-shirt, in …

What Is A Dry or Burnt Hit?

A dry hit is one where the wicking material within your atomizer head has little or no e-juice. When the …

About The Eleaf iStick Basic Kit

The Eleaf iStick Basic Kit is a unique and extremely easy-to-use setup that is absolutely perfect for beginning vapers. Its …

50W iStick Battery Can Lasts For A Couple Of Days

I love my 50W iStick Very much ! The battery lasts for a couple of days, even with the sub-ohm …

Eleaf Have Moved One Form iStick Name

Eleaf have moved one from the iStick name with their new mod, the Eleaf iPower . While not drastically different …

Wismec RX200S New Upgrade Firmware 4.10 Version

You Still use the old firmware for your Wismec RX200S  ? Here comes the 4.10 Version . In this version, …

Notable Features Of Eleaf iStick Pico Kit

Preferable, Innovative, Compact and Outstanding (PICO) as the box states,  Eleaf iStick Pico Kit packs quite a punch that will …

Three color options for powerful Kanger Dripbox 160W!

Do you know that you have three color options on Kanger Dripbox 160W? This innovative and powerful starter kit by …

A newly updated version of Noisy Cricket Mod!

Have you heard of this news coming out from Wismec: Noisy Cricket II-25 mod has been released with Neutron atomizer?

Reviews For iCare All In On Kit

Eleaf just release a vaporizer that is easy to use that even your granny could use it, I’m talking about

About Kanger Pangu All in one Starter Kit

The Kanger Pangu Starter Kit is an all-in-one device similar to the Aspire Plato and Joyetech eGrip. The Kanger Pangu …

Evic vt features a super large OLED screen

Hello,everybody, just enter the 2016, electronic smog is frequently heard news of the application of new technology, before a few days we are still hot ceramic guide oil atomizer to bid farewell to era of cotton, today came the “wireless” core atomization. In accordance with this route continues without cotton, without coil is not day atomizer technology will develop to don’t smoke oil can be used? The idea is to give engineers to burn the brain.

Or to understand the present already exists on the market, and high-end technology of everyone a good feedback!

eVic VT features a super large OLED screen, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/ VT-Ni (Nickel)/ VW mode, and battery capacity of 5000mah. With its new cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies the concept of a healthy alternative lifestyle.

What happened when the “Check Atomizer” warning appears?

There seems to be a common warning like “Atomizer Low”. Often, “Check Atomizer” indicates the 510 connection on your mod does not register your tank. Generally, it appears when there is a short or a bad resistance reading/loose coil. As we all know, if your mod does not see your atomizer, it can’t determine the resistance and it can’t send power to the coils. When your mod can not detect any tools on it, the only thing you can do is to remove the tank and clean the 510 area, both on the tank and the mod. After you re-seat the tank or clearomizer, generally you can start to feel a little resistance. This means your tank is making contact with the mod. Also remember not to overtighten your tank. Suppose that didn’t help and then you have to try some other measurements. You must know that there may be a problem with your mod or your tank. To determine which one is functioning wrongly, you can try another working tank on your mod to see if it still outputs the error. If it works fine, that means that you have a problem with the tank. Obviously, if not, there is an internal error with your mod, so you can consider getting another premium box mod. If you are a beginner, strongly recommend you getting an Eleaf iStick series battery, so easy and convenient to use. For quality guarantee, you should go to visit the official authorized website to have one.

Hurry to enjoy this discount off joyetech eVic-VT on official authorized distributor website!

Joyetech eVic-VT is so popular among vapers for its unique temperature control system, which supports two kinds of heating wires, Nickel 200(Ni) and Titanium (Ti) heating wire. This specail function provides you a fantastic vaping experience on joyetech eVic-VT. These two atomizer heads are featured by 100% organic cotton and improved resistance/ohm accuracy with gold plated connector. Similar as other batteries with temperature control function, eVic-VT also can save the e-juice consumption and battery consumption, but to a larger extend. Now there is a special offer on official authorized distributor website: 5% off joyetech eVic-VT and joyetech eVic-VT kit with the coupon code evicvt20151103, expiring on 5th December 2015. Hurry to enjoy the great deal!

The working principle of electronic cigarette atomizer

The working principle is so simple, the resistance wire wound on a cotton cord, cotton oil absorption from the oil compartment, then give cigarette battery powered heating oil resistance wire on the gasification of cotton rope, forming gas sucked out of myself, so the smoke electronic cigaretteIt will quickly evaporate in the air, should not smoke produced by combustion, but vaporized. You must first understand whether you want to buy nebulizer oil spills, how condensed the situation, then learn the next resistance wire resistance is much that is appropriate for your battery voltage, the smaller the resistance, the greater the voltage, the faster heating, the faster gasification, the smoke is larger, but it also depends on whether cotton rope suction speed can keep up with the speed of vaporization, if not to keep up the cotton rope is scorched by resistance wire, which is usually a burnt taste we often say. So now we generally prefer to use an adjustable voltage battery, and many high-end electronic cigarettes can measure the resistance of installed atomizer coil, allowing you conveniently to adjust to the appropriate voltage. The popular Nautilus atomizer with the fame of good taste by Aspire is worthy your attempt.

Five kinds of possible methods of cleaning atomizer

Electronic cigarette atomizer, is a new generation of new reused products with high price. If there is a method of cleaning atomizer, you can save money, it is more user-friendly to adjust the electronic cigarette oil taste according to your own tastes need. To sum up, here are following five cleaning methods as reference.

Hot water, warm water can be poured into the reactor in electronic aerosolized amount of hot water and gently shake one to two minutes, then pour the water out, and then a hair dryer. This method is very simple, but still may retain strong electronic smoke oil taste.

Vinegar, the necessities of daily life into the nebulizer vinegar mixed with water, then cooking takes about ten minutes. After washing with water again, and then dried up. Cleaning with vinegar-based electronic smoke is a good choice, achieving a good effect.

Coca-Cola, make electronic smoke soaked in a cup of cola drinks, takes about 24 hours. After completing removed with warm water, cold water, boiling water can wash, and finally dry. This method is cumbersome, the effect may not be very satisfactory. Oil smoke flavor, but also very strong.

Vodka, Russia nebulizer dry wine, pour the right amount of vodka with your fingers to seal the nebulizer mouth, and gently shake one to twenty-two minutes later drained. Then rinse with hot water clean, let it dry place. Remember, you do not blow, the taste of vodka needs to slowly disappear. This is a very cute way, but it is a more effective way to substantially eliminate the dirt and taste in the inner wall of electronic cigarette atomizer.

Flat a piece of tissue paper on the table, tilt the nebulizer placed on top takes about 24 hours, the electronic device in the smoke of liquid smoke will gradually set aside. Then rinse with warm water, and finally with a hair dryer. It is also considered to be a more effective method. Now you can try these methods to clean and take care of your Nautilus Atomizer. Keep on and happy vaping!

Temperature control function of electronic ciagrette is so necessary for safety and vaping experience!

Temperature control box mod is the mainstream in electronic cigarette market in 2015, often abbreviated as TC boxes. Indeed the invention of of the temperature control technology is a huge breakthrough in the history of the electronic cigarette. Before thermostat technology appears, some medias report that smoke oil vaping at high temperature will produce harmful substances. Temperature control function is very necessary for the user’s experience. As we all know, the basic principle is based on the temperature change of resistance of the atomizer. When the temperature changes, the core material of the atomization can cause resistance change with the influence of temperature. The inside chip will detect this change and through a series of calculation and processing make the temperature controlled within a set range. Eleaf iStick TC40W is so popular and premium temerature control box mod on the market.

Three reasons supporting Aspire Nautilus Mini becoming the best clearomizer tank

Are you seeking a suitable and fantastic tank supporting a more enjoyabe and comfortable vaping experience? A tank can provide a certain capacity of refilling e-liquid without the trouble of frequently adding. Aspire Nautilus Mini is just the one. It holds the 2ml capactity with Pyrex glass tube or you can choose stainless steel one. Secondly, the adopted advanced BVC coil technology is absolutely a highlight. This technology helps produce huge vapour and good flavour. This coil techonology is patented by Aspire and makes Aspire achieves a great success in atomizer design. Moreover, its adjustable airflow control is a praise, making freely adjusting the amount of airflow and the warmth of vapor possible to improve the vaping experience. These three features are enough to make Nautilus Mini become the best clearomizer tank on the market. Would you like to give it a try?

Three modes which you can vape eVic-VT on

If you have gotten a joyetch eVic-VT, you know the three working modes are a highlight. Different from  other temperature control box mod, such as iStick TC40W, evic vt battery includes two kinds of temperature control modes, Ti and Ni modes. These two temperature control materials will dispaly different vaping experience though with the same temperature range due to the different reactions to temperature change. In terms of the traditional VW mode, you can enjoy the maximum 60W power output, absolutely enough powerful to fire most of atomizers on the market. These parameters you can detect from the display screen are as follows:

Different categories of electronic cigarettes

Appearance and manner of using high simulation of smoke, small and light, and it can use immediately. Built-in battery, usually in the capacity of 120 mah – 120 mah, use time is shorter, smoke volume is a little small, do not adjust the volume of smoke. Consumables for smoke flare (smoke fluid, atomizer combined) and subsequent use cost equivalent to about 15 yuan a pack of cigarettes, higher than the manual filling and smoke liquid of electronic cigarettes.

Applicable people: too manual filling liquid smoke trouble customers, the elderly, women, rookie

2, EGO sets series

EGO smoke appearance variety, medium volume, use more convenient. General atomizer with small capacity, need to manually fill liquid smoke. The battery built-in, usually in the capacity of 650 mah – 1300 mah use for a long time, the smoke volume of medium. Consumables for smoke fluid and atomization core, subsequent use cost equivalent to about less than 5 yuan a pack of cigarettes, is the most valuable choice, is also a novice players start best choice!

Applicable people: beginner.

3, independent atomizer electronic pressure regulating lever

The security of electronic voltage regulating lever for the EGO cigarettes and mechanical smoke rod of high power characteristics, the volume is bigger also, beautiful appearance. With mechanical smoke rod, with large capacity low resistance atomizer or DIY drops of oil atomizer, manual filling liquid smoke, own 18650 batteries, etc. Use cost and mechanical smoke rod.

Electronic pressure regulating lever generally recommend advanced players play big smoke or enthusiasts. But because of the built-in circuit, electronic pressure regulating lever is very safe. Interested in electronic cigarette is great, at the same time, the strong ability of consumption of new customers also can choose.

Applicable people: big smoke players, players collection, consumption ability of new customer.

4.Joyetech eVic-VT Kit
Joyetech eVic-VT Kit 60 Watt Temp Control Mod, is an innovative, and the most mature temperature control MOD. Both VT and VW functions available: VT-Ti (titanium), VT-Ni (Nickel 200) and VW modes applied. It brings new experience of VT control, a new flavor with every change of temperature setting, also battery performance being prolonged at the same time.

Presenting the eVic-VT 60W, to go with eGo ONE Mega VT atomizer , with its new cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies the concept of a healthy alternative lifestyle. eVic-VT features a super large OLED screen, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/ VT-Ni (Nickel)/ VW mode, and battery capacity of 5000mah.

The Variable Temperature (VT) brings out a different flavor experience with the change of temperature settings, not only improving the taste, but also saving battery and liquid consumption. eVic-VT is not your typical vape, it’s an evolutionary start.

Joyetech evic vt and Kang Er suboxmini which good?

Today around the BBS, most of the people is “a good opinion of evic vt integral feeling is very good!

Others are in the BBS is joyetech evic vt and Kang Er suboxmini which good?

The following is everyone’s views and Suggestions:

1. The comparison between the two words, VT suit better. Price is also higher.

2. Joyetech evic vt with temperature control function, is one of the best temperature control box. Many subox quality problem. Suggest joyetech evic vt

3. Suggest joye can at least play temperature regulating can one aspect more selective

4. eVic-VT Full Kit, of course, has the very good temperature control function is one of 2015 top several boxes, subox mini is just an ordinary pressure regulating box, though affordable but now has been replaced by temperature control, pressure regulating is a thing of the past

Super realism fashion

The fashion week in New York

Compared to other fashion weeks, this fashion week in New York are closely related to the the tastes of the masses.

This fashion week is deeply affected by American pop, it is creative but not multifarious。

The designers place more emphasis on the simple and comfortable style.

Seen from the photos below, they are truly  characterised by the simpleness.


Miniskirt has  become increasing popular over the yeays,
in term of it s concice design, and outstanding visual effect, it has been pursued by famous artists.
you might as well try this style in fall or winter of 2014, which definitely give you a suprise.
you must become more charming and elegant.

long hair fluttering

In Milan 2015 spring/summer fashion week, the most eye-catching is the models’ hair styles.

Their long hair fluttering creates distinct temperament, and  the makeup is also delicate.

Matched with the model clothes, their long hair fluttering draw attention to the world.

D u like long hair?  Choose the best one you like below,  Maybe you can get your hair and makeup done like this,

White Dress

We have already witnessed the glamour of   black skirt, nowadays the super stars begin to turn their  attention to the white dress, which can create pure and fresh styles.

From Roise Huntington Whiteley, Lea Michele to Gabrielle Union, they all deduce different dressing styles.

You can learn some match from super stars.

Luxury windbreaker

Speaking of American debutante,  Kim Kaedashian is familiar to the audience,  she always frequently  appear in public, her dressing tatse is beyond dount, the styles always draw the asstention of the world.

Sometimes, her styles are quietly brilliant,  especially she prefers to wear luxury windbreaker,

the street  snap about her below are very impressive and charming. Lets appreciate these.

Oscar de la

According to the foreign meida reports, the famous fashion designer Oscar de la was died  at the age of 82.

Oscar de la is  famous for its”flower dress” design,  the exquisite embroidery  highlights the nobleness and gracefulness. Then super stars have been flocking to his design.

However, there is no official information declaring the reason of its death.

Moss of the following”flower dress” are his painstaking efforts, they are really imcomparable.