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The working principle of electronic cigarette atomizer

The working principle is so simple, the resistance wire wound on a cotton cord, cotton oil absorption from the oil compartment, then give cigarette battery powered heating oil resistance wire on the gasification of cotton rope, forming gas sucked out of myself, so the smoke electronic cigaretteIt will quickly evaporate in the air, should not smoke produced by combustion, but vaporized. You must first understand whether you want to buy nebulizer oil spills, how condensed the situation, then learn the next resistance wire resistance is much that is appropriate for your battery voltage, the smaller the resistance, the greater the voltage, the faster heating, the faster gasification, the smoke is larger, but it also depends on whether cotton rope suction speed can keep up with the speed of vaporization, if not to keep up the cotton rope is scorched by resistance wire, which is usually a burnt taste we often say. So now we generally prefer to use an adjustable voltage battery, and many high-end electronic cigarettes can measure the resistance of installed atomizer coil, allowing you conveniently to adjust to the appropriate voltage. The popular Nautilus atomizer with the fame of good taste by Aspire is worthy your attempt.

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