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What happened when the “Check Atomizer” warning appears?

There seems to be a common warning like “Atomizer Low”. Often, “Check Atomizer” indicates the 510 connection on your mod does not register your tank. Generally, it appears when there is a short or a bad resistance reading/loose coil. As we all know, if your mod does not see your atomizer, it can’t determine the resistance and it can’t send power to the coils. When your mod can not detect any tools on it, the only thing you can do is to remove the tank and clean the 510 area, both on the tank and the mod. After you re-seat the tank or clearomizer, generally you can start to feel a little resistance. This means your tank is making contact with the mod. Also remember not to overtighten your tank. Suppose that didn’t help and then you have to try some other measurements. You must know that there may be a problem with your mod or your tank. To determine which one is functioning wrongly, you can try another working tank on your mod to see if it still outputs the error. If it works fine, that means that you have a problem with the tank. Obviously, if not, there is an internal error with your mod, so you can consider getting another premium box mod. If you are a beginner, strongly recommend you getting an Eleaf iStick series battery, so easy and convenient to use. For quality guarantee, you should go to visit the official authorized website to have one.

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