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Joyetech evic vt and Kang Er suboxmini which good?

Today around the BBS, most of the people is “a good opinion of evic vt integral feeling is very good!

Others are in the BBS is joyetech evic vt and Kang Er suboxmini which good?

The following is everyone’s views and Suggestions:

1. The comparison between the two words, VT suit better. Price is also higher.

2. Joyetech evic vt with temperature control function, is one of the best temperature control box. Many subox quality problem. Suggest joyetech evic vt

3. Suggest joye can at least play temperature regulating can one aspect more selective

4. eVic-VT Full Kit, of course, has the very good temperature control function is one of 2015 top several boxes, subox mini is just an ordinary pressure regulating box, though affordable but now has been replaced by temperature control, pressure regulating is a thing of the past

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