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Five kinds of possible methods of cleaning atomizer

Electronic cigarette atomizer, is a new generation of new reused products with high price. If there is a method of cleaning atomizer, you can save money, it is more user-friendly to adjust the electronic cigarette oil taste according to your own tastes need. To sum up, here are following five cleaning methods as reference.

Hot water, warm water can be poured into the reactor in electronic aerosolized amount of hot water and gently shake one to two minutes, then pour the water out, and then a hair dryer. This method is very simple, but still may retain strong electronic smoke oil taste.

Vinegar, the necessities of daily life into the nebulizer vinegar mixed with water, then cooking takes about ten minutes. After washing with water again, and then dried up. Cleaning with vinegar-based electronic smoke is a good choice, achieving a good effect.

Coca-Cola, make electronic smoke soaked in a cup of cola drinks, takes about 24 hours. After completing removed with warm water, cold water, boiling water can wash, and finally dry. This method is cumbersome, the effect may not be very satisfactory. Oil smoke flavor, but also very strong.

Vodka, Russia nebulizer dry wine, pour the right amount of vodka with your fingers to seal the nebulizer mouth, and gently shake one to twenty-two minutes later drained. Then rinse with hot water clean, let it dry place. Remember, you do not blow, the taste of vodka needs to slowly disappear. This is a very cute way, but it is a more effective way to substantially eliminate the dirt and taste in the inner wall of electronic cigarette atomizer.

Flat a piece of tissue paper on the table, tilt the nebulizer placed on top takes about 24 hours, the electronic device in the smoke of liquid smoke will gradually set aside. Then rinse with warm water, and finally with a hair dryer. It is also considered to be a more effective method. Now you can try these methods to clean and take care of your Nautilus Atomizer. Keep on and happy vaping!

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