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Different categories of electronic cigarettes

Appearance and manner of using high simulation of smoke, small and light, and it can use immediately. Built-in battery, usually in the capacity of 120 mah – 120 mah, use time is shorter, smoke volume is a little small, do not adjust the volume of smoke. Consumables for smoke flare (smoke fluid, atomizer combined) and subsequent use cost equivalent to about 15 yuan a pack of cigarettes, higher than the manual filling and smoke liquid of electronic cigarettes.

Applicable people: too manual filling liquid smoke trouble customers, the elderly, women, rookie

2, EGO sets series

EGO smoke appearance variety, medium volume, use more convenient. General atomizer with small capacity, need to manually fill liquid smoke. The battery built-in, usually in the capacity of 650 mah – 1300 mah use for a long time, the smoke volume of medium. Consumables for smoke fluid and atomization core, subsequent use cost equivalent to about less than 5 yuan a pack of cigarettes, is the most valuable choice, is also a novice players start best choice!

Applicable people: beginner.

3, independent atomizer electronic pressure regulating lever

The security of electronic voltage regulating lever for the EGO cigarettes and mechanical smoke rod of high power characteristics, the volume is bigger also, beautiful appearance. With mechanical smoke rod, with large capacity low resistance atomizer or DIY drops of oil atomizer, manual filling liquid smoke, own 18650 batteries, etc. Use cost and mechanical smoke rod.

Electronic pressure regulating lever generally recommend advanced players play big smoke or enthusiasts. But because of the built-in circuit, electronic pressure regulating lever is very safe. Interested in electronic cigarette is great, at the same time, the strong ability of consumption of new customers also can choose.

Applicable people: big smoke players, players collection, consumption ability of new customer.

4.Joyetech eVic-VT Kit
Joyetech eVic-VT Kit 60 Watt Temp Control Mod, is an innovative, and the most mature temperature control MOD. Both VT and VW functions available: VT-Ti (titanium), VT-Ni (Nickel 200) and VW modes applied. It brings new experience of VT control, a new flavor with every change of temperature setting, also battery performance being prolonged at the same time.

Presenting the eVic-VT 60W, to go with eGo ONE Mega VT atomizer , with its new cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies the concept of a healthy alternative lifestyle. eVic-VT features a super large OLED screen, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/ VT-Ni (Nickel)/ VW mode, and battery capacity of 5000mah.

The Variable Temperature (VT) brings out a different flavor experience with the change of temperature settings, not only improving the taste, but also saving battery and liquid consumption. eVic-VT is not your typical vape, it’s an evolutionary start.

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